The submission of clips is now closed.
All Clip-Authors are informed.

Call for Clips

From 30 May until 2 June 2017, the 106th Deutsche Bibliothekartag is taking place in Frankfurt/ Main.

The congress is being organised by the associations Verein Deutscher Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare e.V. (VDB) and Berufsverband Information Bibliothek e.V. (BIB). In 2017, the theme of the congress, the largest further training event for library science in Germany and Europe, will be ‘Media – People – Markets’.

Similar to the 6th library congress in Leipzig last year, the delegates of the 106th Deutsche Bibliothekartag in Frankfurt/ Main also have the opportunity to, show the experts present their innovative projects, initiatives, studies or research findings in digital form (“Clip”), instead of analogue poster presentations.

Requirements for this setup are:

–  A specialist topic as content
–  Only video clips (no Prezi- or PowerPoint presentations)
–  Length of the clips: 1 to maximal 5 minutes
–  The observing of the originator-, image- and any personal copyrights of third parties

The clip must also have a small closing section, including the following details:

–  Name/Description, place and date/time period of the presented project
–  Information about the production (Person responsible for production, production company, date of production etc.)
–  Principal or initiator of the clip (library, research group etc.)

The call is directed at employees of libraries and similar facilities. Companies are being asked to make use of the corporate presentations. All kind of Image clips, project documentations, research findings, product presentations, tutorials and reports will be accepted.

The best clip will be chosen at the closing event of the Bibliothekartag.

By submitting your clip, you agree to let us present the clip during the Bibliothekartag, at suitable locations, to publish it on the website as well as to upload it on the public YouTube channel of the Bibliothekartag and to integrate it into the Bibliothekartags-App.
As to the presentations and posters, the clips can be archived on the BIB-OPUS subsequently to the Bibliothekartag.

The clips can be submitted from 15.01.2017 until 15.04.2017. Please use the Abstract-Management-System and insert an extensive abstract (description of occasion, topic stance, concept, producer, used software, application possibilities).

For further information please contact Ms. Felicitas Siebert from K.I.T. Group (+49-30-24603231 or