Frankfurt am Main Public Library

The Frankfurt am Main Public Library is a large metropolitan library system.  It encompasses 18 public libraries, a mobile library with stops at over 30 locations, a virtual library and a school library department managing over 100 school libraries. The Frankfurt Public Library is noticeably present throughout the city.

The Public Library is one of the most frequented public institutions in Frankfurt am Main. Nearly 1.4 million people visit its libraries and borrow 2.76 million items annually. The libraries offer information and media in an assortment of formats.  They are venues for seeking information, borrowing materials, learning and social gatherings for children, adolescents, adults, senior citizens, students, advice seekers, recreational readers and music lovers. Its focus is on children and adolescent library programs, school library development, intercultural services and cultural events.

Bildrecht: Kever-Bielke
Bildrecht: Kever-Bielke

Library Visits


620.000 items
(Fiction, non-fiction, children and adolescent literature, foreign language media, music CDs, audio books, DVDs, sheet music, games, newspapers, magazines, and virtual media)


Opening Hours

The opening hours of the different facilities can be found here.



Stadtbücherei Frankfurt am Main
Hasengasse 4
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: +49 (0)69 212 – 38080
Telefax: +49 (0)69 212 – 37949