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 Von der Tagesordnung zur Umsetzung: Lobbyarbeit für Bibliotheken (#61)

Moderation:   Hella Klauser
Deutscher Bibliotheksverband - Berlin, Deutschland
Themenkreis:   02 - Welches Rüstzeug brauchen Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare von heute für morgen?
Zeit:   Donnerstag 04. Juni 2009 16:00 - 18:00
Raum:   Carl-Zeiss-Saal | linke Seite (EG)




Action beyond words - The changing nature of advocacy


John Dolan
MLA (pens.) - Birmingham B31 2DA, Großbritannien

National strategies and standards have directed change programmes at national level – Framework for the Future, The People’s Network, National Library Standards and so on. However, the independence of local authorities and academic institutions means inconsistency in priorities, investment and delivery.

Now we live in times of critical social and economic change. What advocacy messages seem right for our time? In Britain, the drive for personal and community autonomy and decision-making competes with the attraction of national direction, economy, consistency and impact. In a global world too no library can be seen in isolation from global networks.

A new Government review of public libraries – launched October 2008 – may provide some answers. Do libraries have an inherent value? What is their purpose in the 21st century? Do they have political, economic, social or cultural value? Who pays? Who decides? Can they modernise holistically or are they inextricably tied to a parent location or institution? Who is the audience for the messages outside the comfort of the librarian community?


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