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 Brücken über den Atlantik (#148)

Moderation:   Prof. Dr. Michael Seadle
Themenkreis:   02 - Welches Rüstzeug brauchen Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare von heute für morgen?
Zeit:   Mittwoch 03. Juni 2009 13:30 - 15:30
Raum:   Bistro



3. Reference and Research Services in partnership with our clients (#196)

Julie Mandal
Canada Revenue Agency Information Center - Ottawa, Kanada

Die Bibliothek der Zukunft hat keinen Platz fuer Besserwisser!
Reference and Research Services in partnership with our clients

Libraries define their goals and objectives in different ways.
For this presentation, I propose that supporting clients (users, patrons, customers …) in achieving their objective is a key goal for libraries. I validate this view by giving brief examples set within different library types (public, academic, special), and propose a “coaching attitude” in working with clients, and helping co-create the solution that meets client needs.
Coaching attitude should inform how we (a) set up our systems (e.g. classification) and (b) personally interact (e.g. reference interview).
For this article, I define the characteristics of a coaching attitude, and how it is relevant to library work, with an emphasis on Reference and Research Services (RRS). I will provide examples from the field that use coaching attitude for improved interaction – both client-to-systems interaction and client-to-staff interaction.

This presentation is meant as a starting point for discussion, and a proposal for a way of client interaction that will keep us relevant into the future.
Our clientbase has an increased need for solid information, neutral meeting ground, and intellectual stimulation. Although the emerging information environment has myriad ways of answering those needs, libraries are in a unique position to fill them at a high level and in an inclusive fashion. I suggest that we need to implement a coaching attitude across all staff levels and across communities, we need to foster characteristics as described during the presentation, to be equipped to deliver what our clients and potential clients need, and thus stay relevant, possibly even shape how, why, and where information is sought.

The presentation and discussion are available in English or German.

Julie Mandal


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