Greetings from the Local Committee

In the week after Pentecost, from 26 -29 May 2015, we warmly welcome you to the 104. Deutscher Bibliothekartag in Nürnberg.

With the motto Bibliotheken – von Anfang an Zukunft (Libraries – From the Beginning into the Future) we are meeting at the Nürnberg Convention Center, the habitat of BioFach, Spielwarenmesse and Consumenta, and one of the ten largest exhibition parks in Europe. Sponsors and Exhibitors find the optimal infrastructure here. Nuremberg is very well situated, and you can easily get here by car, train or airplane.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

On behalf of the organizing committee,


Konstanze Söllner

Director of the University Library FAU Erlangen, Nuremberg


Elisabeth Sträter

Director of the town library education campus Nuremberg