Surrounded by 1000 years of Nuremberg history and in the middle of a unique old town; business, art, culture and scene create a modern and lively metropolis. Meet in a city that offers many attractions!

With about 500,000 inhabitants, Nuremberg is the second biggest city in Bavaria. It belongs to the administrative region Middle Franconia of the Free State Bavaria.

The city has 10 neighborhoods, which are divided into 87 cantons which are again divided into 326 districts. From east to west the city is crossed by the Pegnitz, which was especially channeled in the old city area.

Kaiserburg, Lebkuchen and Bratwurst are closely linked to Nuremberg – but the city has much more to offer. The multitude of academic libraries and institutions, and the comprehensive range of public libraries are among the reasons why Nuremberg was the right choice for the 104. Deutscher Bibliothekartag 2015.

The Nuremberg Region and Books

Schedel’s World History: appeared first in Nuremberg in 1493

City Archives of Nuremberg: inventory of the library is of 45,000, fully online-searchable media units

Library Association Bavaria (BVB): The regional union of over 150 libraries in Bavaria

The book-selling sector in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg has about 445 companies, employs 3,300, has a sales volume of 290 Million Euro.

Germanisches Nationalmuseum und Straße der MenschenrechteGermanisches Nationalmuseum mit Straße der Menschenrechte (Foto: Uwe Niklas)*