Tuesday, 26 May 2015

14:00-15:00h A short walk through Nuremberg’s history (1000 years Nuremberg)

The district around St. Sebald, Nuremberg’s oldest city parish church, is one of the most beautiful parts of the Old Town and worth exploring. Within a few steps you will come across the house of Albrecht Dürer, where he died in 1528, or the entrance to the rock-cut cellars used as bomb shelters during World War II. Discover the unique charm of a city where you will find a hint of the Middle Age around every corner.

Meeting point: Burgstraße / corner Am Ölberg, information point
ÖPNV (public transport): Burgstraße / Town hall: city bus 36, 46, 47
Organiser „Geschichte für alle“
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Costs: 6 €;
Min. 15 persons, max. 30 Persons
The tour is in German.

 16:00-17:00h Way of the Human Rights

In 1993, the “Way of Human Rights” was presented to the public in Nuremberg. Each of its pillars is inscribed with a short version of one of the 30 articles of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” of 1948. The work of art created by the Israeli artist, Dani Karavan, reminds us of the darkest chapters of German and Nuremberg history, but at the same time also symbolizes the victory of humanity over barbarism and nurtures hopes of a world where all people may live in dignity, peace and freedom.

Meeting point: With gate to the Way of Human Rights, Kornmarkt
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Costs: 3 €;
Min. 10 persons, max. 25 persons
The tour is in German.

 18:00-19:00h Nuremberg’s heart – the Hauptmarkt

The “Hauptmarkt” is the heart of Nuremberg: Important events take place here: Christkindles-Markt in December, demonstrations as well as music shows set not only in the present day but also in past times. The tournaments of the young patricians went on here as well as deployments in the Nazi era or the victory celebration of the US Army in April 1945.

Explore the Beautiful Fountain or the Church of Our Lady as well as the City Hall.

Meeting point: Fleischbrücke, Ochsenportal
ÖPNV (Public transportation): Burgstraße / Rathaus: City bus 36, 46, 47
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Costs: 6 €
Min. 15 persons, max. 30 persons
The tour is in German.

19:00-21:00h A Culinary Journey through the History of Nuremberg

Why is a “Nuremberg sausage” called a “Bratwurst” and what is so special about Nuremberg gingerbread? How long have the city’s cooks been familiar with ravioli and how much meat was consumed by the citizens of medieval Nuremberg? What is the connection between the planner of the English Garden in Munich and the diet of Nurembergers? These and many more questions will be answered in the course of this culinary adventure. The whole theme will be made even more appetizing with tasty examples of Nuremberg cuisine that you will be able to sample during the tour.

Meeting point: Rathausplatz, main entrance Altes Rathaus

ÖPNV (public transportation): Burgstraße / Town hall:  city bus 36, 46, 47
Tour of the association „Geschichte für alle“
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Costs: 14 € (incl. taste)
Min. 10 persons, max. 20 persons
The tour is in German.